The author trained as an architect in New York during the 1980s. He has studied architecture formally for 18 years in the US, Netherlands, and the UK, and worked in architecture practices in the US and UK (13 yrs) including a design & research practice which he co-founded in 1993. He has also taught in architecture schools in the US (5 yrs) and UK (15 yrs) since 1993. He has carried out extensive research on the work of Piet Mondrian, theories of the everyday, structuralism and semiotics, and social housing in London with a focus on the work of Neave Brown. Along the way he has studied with Henri Ciriani, Herman Hertzberger, Robert Slutzky, Adrian Forty, Marshall Blonsky and Richard Sennett.

Having painted at an earlier time and having now left practice the urge to make things is now vented in the making of sample-based music and occasional DJ performances.

The author currently teaches architecture at university level.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for your hard work. I instruct an emphasis course in grade 11&12 architectural technology and find that the glimpses of architectural theory that I’m (barely) able to provide are a gateway drug to thought to which the students really respond.
    I’m trying to piece together a flowing narrative from your essential pillars and my students will be the better for it.
    Thanks again

  2. I’d like to put this site into my dissertation bibliography, I like the article on Richard Sennett and boundaries, it made for interesting reading 🙂 could you provide your name so I can reference it properly? Many thanks

  3. Also follow Luis on Quora. He’s a frequent and much appreciated expert contributor at quora.com/profile/Luis-Diaz-1 !

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